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U.S. keeps Disneyland-bound British Muslim family out of the country... I wonder how much DonaldTrumping is in it... https://t.co/QecQoVI5Cm

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Food Trucks


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RT @neiltyson: For Algebra Geeks: If the thickness of a pizza is A, and its radius is Z, and pi is just PI, then its volume is V = PIZZA.

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recap: jpmorgan settlement! A Nightmare on Wall Street http://t.co/HBNO8Q12Ta via @TheDailyShow

recap: JPMorgan settlement

how is this a fair deal??????
$70T in derivatives....got $25B bailout money in 2009...expected litigation fee $28B in 2010.... $4B relief to homeowners, not a cash outlay... $7B tax deductible...$2B help low income to buy homes, reduction of rates to neighborhoods the most affected....




Derivatives - The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks...http://t.co/ZtFF1FWSl1 via @TheRuleofDemons

If this is true, !!!..."I put 'Kal Penn' on my resume and photos. His audition callbacks rose by 50 percent" http://t.co/33LcFaaQ3x

"because they view God as providing security against potential negative outcomes" http://t.co/oRUUFmEuza

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John Nash was not wearing seatbelt at the time of the accident... "Why People Buckle Up in Cars, But Not in Cabs" http://t.co/w18zvMi1lk

Intuition behind digital currency is having no middle man. Given these rules, only Goldman Sucks can have it... http://t.co/sAJxE7BU7K

Alternative Financing... https://t.co/sIm9mhh5PZ

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Economics of Cast Away by EconPop.Comparative advantage,specialization.See also "I,Pencil the movie"(previous tweet) https://t.co/HR6vFyyZfV

I, Pencil: The Movie.... http://t.co/CkLxdimlEV via @youtube