China's Ghost Cities and Malls

Wealth Inequality in America

10 Lesser Known Economic Issues - Listverse

"if you are unemployed, it isn't because there isn't any work"

Yes new grads are getting jobs, but what is the quality of these jobs? More than half is underemployed

RT @MarkThoma: Finance and Mathematics: where is the ethical malaise? - Tim Johnson

RT @semil: Immigrant came to America, collected Ivy League degree, U.S. Visa rejected. Went home to found $5B+ Snapdeal:

"Harvard’s Chinese Exclusion Act"

RT @CatoPodcast: Central banks that undertake stress tests of the banking system are effectively grading their own papers.

RT @Mark_J_Perry: Who'd a-Thunk It? Portugal decriminalized drugs 14 years ago – and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing?

RT @facklernyt: Growing income inequality in #Japan, where the poverty rate is the same as US and higher than crisis-hit Greece: OECD

Harvard professor says grade inflation rampant via @BostonGlobe

This company will create a unique name for your baby - for £20,000 - via @Telegraph

"How Mobile Phone Data Reveals the True Toll of Mass Layoffs"

#UEFAChampionsLeague #JuveBarca "#Messi ’s Majestic Season"

""The Job Numbers Literally Do Not Add Up""

"The Gruen Effect"

"All Eyes on the Consumer"

"An Opportunity to Improve Air Travel"

RT @neiltyson: For Algebra Geeks: If the thickness of a pizza is A, and its radius is Z, and pi is just PI, then its volume is V = PIZZA.

#Warriors #Cavs #NBAFinals "#NBA Finals Preview: #LeBron vs. #Curry vs. Everybody Else"

"How restaurants trick you into eating less and spending more"

recap: jpmorgan settlement! A Nightmare on Wall Street via @TheDailyShow

recap: JPMorgan settlement

how is this a fair deal??????
$70T in $25B bailout money in 2009...expected litigation fee $28B in 2010.... $4B relief to homeowners, not a cash outlay... $7B tax deductible...$2B help low income to buy homes, reduction of rates to neighborhoods the most affected....,0,1814328.story#axzz2lDAAKU9N

Derivatives - The Unregulated Global Casino for Banks... via @TheRuleofDemons

If this is true, !!!..."I put 'Kal Penn' on my resume and photos. His audition callbacks rose by 50 percent"

"because they view God as providing security against potential negative outcomes"

"California has a real water market, but it’s not exactly liquid"...

John Nash was not wearing seatbelt at the time of the accident... "Why People Buckle Up in Cars, But Not in Cabs"

Intuition behind digital currency is having no middle man. Given these rules, only Goldman Sucks can have it...

Alternative Financing...

"China's State Sector: Transformed, but Not So Privatized"

"Eight Days in the Life of Oakland's Automatic License Plate Readers"

Economics of Cast Away by EconPop.Comparative advantage,specialization.See also "I,Pencil the movie"(previous tweet)

I, Pencil: The Movie.... via @youtube

google interview questions!

"Nearly two in five workers can’t do their jobs without government approval"

"If loving finance is wrong..."

Systemic corruption....

"Startup Aims to Scour the Dark Web for Stolen Data"

"Sometimes the machine replaces humans; sometimes it becomes a tool that allows humans to do more"...

Jose Mourinho: "We can play in a different way and adapt to different situations.”

"Will the Military Get a Flying Car Before the Rest of Us?"

On-line education=one's motivation to actually learn....

"wear shoes two sizes small because it feels good to take them off at the end of the day" "Small shoes and headroom"

"Dogs, Dining, and Paternalism"

"The cost of equity is not tax deductible, while interest is deductible, why?"

- consumer sentiment, + gas prices.... "Gasoline prices and consumer sentiment"

Would Curry have the same chance if he were to born into a poor family? "The Mis-measure of Inequality"

How much debt is too much? (Keep in mind that rating agencies are paid to rate)

Equal opportunity????? "Smart Poor Kids Are Less Likely to Graduate From College Than Middling Rich Kids"

"38 maps that explain the global economy"

DJs are now making mistakes on purpose....

"Designer Babies: Should We Design Dumber, Weaker, Less Healthy Babies?"

"Fed Is Much More Likely to Take Your Job Than a Robot, so Naturally the Media Are Talking About Robots"

Funny recap of financial crisis... Bird and Fortune, subprime crisis...

Quick recap of financial crisis....

Misuse of its



RT @AEI: Why it's easier to open a business in Cambodia or Venezuela than a charter school in New York:

Similarity between forests and businesses...

"How computer-generated fake papers are flooding academia"

The psychology of first impressions

June 02, 2015 at 03:28AM

"What Do People Say on a Good First Date?"

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"People who think they're attractive tend to be more comfortable with economic inequality"

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bias against black dogs

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"Turning against traffic resulted in wasted time and fuel, also led to a disproportionate number of accidents."

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June 02, 2015 at 02:11AM

"The education myth?" #economics #feedly

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STEM majors effects on innovation

NBA players hiring statisticians

For $390 you can illegally buy an elite university email account on China’s biggest online marketplace

The typical US firm doesn’t earn a profit until sometime in December, and often it’s the end of the month

How Amazon Tricks You Into Thinking It Always Has the Lowest Prices

Why people get drunk


Uh vs Um

Being a PhD student

Lower medical expenses by paying cash

Fine according to your income

Fix America

When a wall streeter sweeps millions of dollars illegally through derivatives and speculation, and gets no charge, no need to talk about justice

Five Reasons Why America Is Done

"How elite students get elite jobs"

Junk food to high-end food

Tomato rehydrate

Unconscious Bias

Funny becomes true in this economy

Opportunity Cost

That's why you have to have a guy to book or simply move to a place where there is no waiting in line (hint: consider cultural aspects, not all cultures are okay with waiting in line).

This is also related to the importance of time in your life. If you are going to make more by hiring a guy to reserve it for you than you do it yourself, you get the idea (opportunity cost)

Making money without producing anymore

Mariah Carey business model

It applies only if you are small enough

Run forest run

I know, because I faced it myself

I sent out my resume with a white male name and a foreign name. Though two resumes were the same, white male named resume received 4 times more attention. If this is not racism, what is it then?

Why companies are using 'blind auditions' to hire top talent